Kristin Amarie

For KRISTIN AMARIE, local music and world music are the same thing. Amarie has spent her life living in such divergent locales as Norway—where the singer was born—Cyprus, New Delhi and the United States. She has also spent time in London, Bangkok, Malta, France and now lives in Cyprus with husband, David Lanz.
Amarie’s roots in music go back to her childhood in Norway when she sang and made up her own tunes. Kristin’s parents nurtured her budding talents by providing her with private vocal lessons from some of the best teachers in Norway. This professional training in her formative years was vital and she developed the vocal skills necessary to be able to perform in a wide variety of musical contexts. 
Her multicultural roots become apparent with one listen to “Notes From a Journey,” Kristin’s debut album release, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Alex Salzman. The album debuted at #2 on the ZMR radio chart and reached #1 at Music journalists raved about the album! In 2015 she received an IMA award for Best Album in her genre, ZMR’s nomination for Best New Artist.
And One World Radio  also awarded Kristin with the Best Vocal Album of the Year for “Notes From A Journey.”
In 2014 Kristin released Forever Christmas, her first collaboration with her partner David Lanz, the world-renowned pianist and composer. Their musical journey continues with their new full length CD, the extremely romantic Silhouettes of Love.
“I’ve had some challenging times in life and know how important music was to me during those times and how music can function as a healer in many ways,” she said. This belief provides the basis for her goals as an artist and now with her musical and life partner, David Lanz, another side of Kristin Amarie’s glowing vocal and composing style will be exposed to an even larger listenership.